Classic bedrooms

Classic bedroom style Maggiolini

Classic bedroom style Maggiolini 925

Classic bedroom in the style Maggiolini composed by the bed with padded headboard capitonné and wood inlaid furniture: and this is precisely the feature that gives the name to this beautiful classic bedroom, conceived as a tribute to the famous It

Classic Style Bedroom Louvre

Classic Style Bedroom luxury Louvre 943

Classic Style Bedroom which takes us in the splendor of the most beautiful European palaces of the past - Louis XV Louvre bedroom a real gem where every detail expresses luxury, comfort, elegance, preciousness.

Luigi XVI white and gold

Louis XVI white and gold

Classic bedroom in wood Luigi XVI style White and Gold. The bedroom is characterized by the classic bed in carved walnut wood Luigi XVI style.

Classic bedroom Maggiolini

Classic bedroom Maggiolini

The Maggiolini bedroom is characterized by the rich inlays that adorn complements as night tables and chest of drawers, inspired exactly to the activity of the famous Italian cabinet maker Maggiolini.

'700 Italiano

Italian 18th century

A luxurious and refined Italian bedroom of the 18th century characterised by golden carvings that enriched the headboard, with capitonnè manufacture and furnishing complements.

Walnut bedroom furniture Louis XVI Noce e Intarsi with bed, night tables, chest of drawers and toilette in walnut inlaid and carved

Walnut bedroom furniture Louis XVI 2011

Walnut bedroom furniture in which stand out as the brightness of the golden carvings as the workmanship of the rich inlays that decorate the Majestic furniture in walnut.

Inlaid bedroom of the Maggiolini collection, in walnut wood with rosewood inlays

Inlaid bedroom Maggiolini art. 986

The inlaid bedroom Maggiolini is characterized exactly by the beautiful inlays that decorate all the furnishing complements, real particularity of that current which has its maximum spokesperson in the Italian cabinet maker Maggiolini, from whom t

Furniture for classic bedroom of the Louvre version

Classic bedroom furniture Louvre

Furniture for classic bedroom of the Louvre collection: the bed is characterized by the fabric headboard with capitonné working with plissé frame, in turn framed by a precious carving with central medallion.

French bedroom in the vogue style in the Nineteenth Century with night furnishings in inlaid walnut

French bedroom Nineteenth Century style

French bedroom Nineteenth Century style, in which the great protagonisti s without doubts the walnut wood. To start first of all by the bed, with the high-arched headboard with capitonné manufacturing framed by an elegant walnut frame.

French style bedroom of the Nineteenth Century with bed and night tables inlaid walnut

French style bedroom of the Nineteenth Century

French style bedroom of the Nineteenth Century, realized following the dictates of the classic styles: great protagonist, as in all the French style bedrooms, is the walnut wood variously decorated.

Camera 800 francese realizzata secondo i canoni degli stili classici, in legno di noce intarsiato

Nineteenth Century French bedroom

Nineteenth Century French bedroom realized in walnut wood inlaid following the dictates of the most beautiful and loved classic styles of all time.

700 Lombardo

18th century

Luxury classic furnishing complements collection for the bedroom area: chest of drawers, trumeau and bureau, all in walnut wood with antique finishing of italian handcrafted production

Furniture of bedroom Luigi XVI with capitonné headboard and carved furnishings, all in luxury classic style Luigi XVI

Furniture of bedroom Luigi XVI art. 2006

Furniture of bedroom Luigi XVI of the White and Gold collection realized by craftsmen in Italy. The bedroom present a carved bed with capitonné headboard realized in precious fabrics.

French-baroque-bedroom of the collection art. 2018, with carvings and decorations made by hand

French baroque bedroom, collection art. 2009

French baroque bedroom of the luxury classic collection Louvre: the bed, with white over gold finish, present a capitonné working headboard, here shown in a precious decorated fabric, matched as to the duvet and bedcover as to the cover of the bea

Luxury classic bedrrom Louvre

Luxury classic bedroom Louvre

The luxury classic bedroom Louvre is here presented in the version with bed from the headboard strongly high-arched, characterized by the particular working of the fabric that gather in the central carved flower.

Art Decò style bedroom

Art Decò style bedroom

Art Decò style bedroom: the luxury classic collections Vimercati are enriched with this room composed by Art Decò style bed, with capitonné leather headboard, combined with chest of drawers and night tables white and silver finish and wall mirror,

Baroque bedroom forniture collection art. 2012

Classic baroque bedroom art. 2012

Baroque bedroom furniture art. 2012 roman baroque style of Seventeenth century: a collection of classic furniture for the night enriched by the baroque night tables with luxury and refined finishings.

Luigi XV Emperador black

Louis XV Emperador Black

Louis XV style bedroom of Emperador Black collection. The bed has a big capitonnè headboard with an important hand carved frame top with floral decorations and finishing black and gold leaf.

Luigi XV Emperador Gold

Louis XV Emperador Gold

Louis XV style bedroom Emperador Gold made with carved and gold wood, finishing walnut and gold coated in grey, luxury italian handcraft.

Luxury bedroom Louis XV style

Luxury bedroom Emperador Gold, art. 397-931

Luxury bedroom Louis XV style of the collection Emperador Gold: the great carved bed is the big protagonist of this luxury bedroom, designed to furnish the sleeping area of the most luxurious residences al lover the world.

Classic Dining Rooms

Living room baroque with fireplace bar

Living room baroque the fireplace bar

A living room baroque of great fascination and elegance, in which the gold details run after each other on armchairs and thrones, the great square pouf, the small table with carved lamp, the richly worked mirror and the imposing fireplace.

Study in classic style

A study in classic style Model Ermitage

A study in classic style that speaks about luxury and elegance: the collection Ermitage outstands by its belonging to the Empire style that let us see the furnishing of great corts and royal society of the past centures.

Room in classic style Luigi XV

Room in classic style Luigi XV

A room in classic style is elegant and refined: the forms and processes are inspired and directed by the so-called Louis XV-style, or a classic style that had great success in the European courts of the Eighteenth century, fascinating nobles, dign

Sala da pranzo 800 Francese

French 19th century dining room

Classic dining room Nineteenth Century French style with extendible table. The legs, turned and carved, lighten the shape of the table and function as model for those of the beautiful wooden chairs with the carved and inlaid back.

Classic extendable console to two meters and a half of length for use as table

Classic extendable console art. 955/Q

A classic extendable console that, by furnishing element for the entrance or for the living area, can be transformed comfortably in a table suitable for receiving guests.

Classic extendable console in walnut wood, extension to 260 cm of length for the use as dining table

Extendable console art. 955/T

Extendable console in walnut provided of four integrated extensions, that allow to transform it from furnishing complement for the entrance area or for the living area in a out-and-out dining table.

Tavoli classici allungabili

Classic extendable tables

For the collection of the classic extendable tables an oval model characterized by the hand turned and carved legs and by the thin inlay that decorate the sides.

Collezione classica stile Carlo X

Classic Carlo X colllection

Hot and comfortable colors for a furniture collection of a dining room played on precious essences, soft carvings and moderate inlays.

Dining room french with oval table

French style dining room

French style dining room of the Nineteenth Century in walnut wood, suitable as for the family moments as in case of guests. The table legs are hand turned and carved by Italian artisans, just as the light inlay that decorate the table.

Collezione stile Maggiolini

Magggiolini style collection

classic Maggiolini dining room composed of square extendable table, chairs with upholstered seatback and seat in white fabric, sideboard and chest of drawers.

Studio classico in stile Luigi XV

Classic office Louis XV style

Refined inlays and carvings with finishing gold leaf enrich this classic Louis XV style office, that is able to make elegant the working moments.

Ufficio Ermitage stile Impero

Empire style office Ermitage

An elegant and functional office rich of refined details: classic Empire style office of the Ermitage collection is composed of a mahogany writing table with leather top and details in gold leaf, coordinated glass showcase and sideboard and a com

Sala da pranzo Ermitage in stile Impero

Empire style dining room Ermitage

Precious materials and refined finishings for the collection Empire style dining room Ermitage. The quality of the essences is enriched with the application in brass.

Sala da pranzo stile Luigi XV

Louis XV dining room

The bend lines of the Louis XV dining room combine with style elegance and functionality. The dining table with carvings and inlays executed with precious essences is a real jewel.

Sala da pranzo Luigi XV Parigi

Louis XV dining room Paris

When the lightness meets the luxury grows an elegant day collection in Louis XV style, where the richness and the semplicity are combined.

Classic Dining room Luigi XV Venezia

Classic Dining room Louis XV Venice

The elegance of the white and the preciosity of the gold make the Classic Dining Room Venice collection in Louis XV style one of the most original and luxurious solutions for the living area.

Sala da pranzo Versailles stile Luigi XVI

Dining room Louis XVI Versailles

Dining room Versaiiles, a solution of great personality and pleasure for the living area. Realized in Louis XVI style by luxury experts, the collection includes the dining table characterised by precious inlays and a original structure.

Classic Sofas

Living room classic style

Living room classic style Excelsior

It is a well-known thing that the sofa is the protagonist of each living room in classic style: the choice of the stuffing has a particular importance.

Classic deck chair

Classic deck chair

What can be more elegant, exclusive and refined than a classic deck chair?

Luxury living room

Luxury living room Vanity

A luxury living room of the collection Vanity here is presented in completely white version, the color that recalls the whiteness of gold of the wall paneling and creates a delicate contrast with the coffee table, a big mirror and a beautiful cons

luxury living room in leather

Luxury living room in leather Majestic

Luxury living room in leather, notwithstanding that fact that it is not easy, is able to combine elegance, delicacy, pure lines, classic style and comfort. It is naturally Italian manufacture.

Luxury living room Eighteenth Century: sofas, armchairs and furniture Luigi XV style

Luxury living room Eighteenth Century

Luxury living room Eighteenth Century carved and gilded by hand: appear to come directly from the realms and the most beautiful aristocratic palaces of the eighteenth century this sofa really luxury, whose piece de resi stance is surely the great

Classic sofa made in Italy

The classic sofa collection Paris

Classic sofa made in Italy of classic luxury collection Paris is characterized by the rich craftsmanship that will enhance very refined fabric and the bright details, carved with finish and gold leaves.

Sofas in style

Sofas in style living room London

Sofas in the style of the classic living room London, completely made by hand in Italy are suitable for the most elegant classic ambience.

Salotto classico Excelsior

Classic living room Excelsior

Elegant lines for this carved sofa with finishing in gold leaf, available in different dimensions, that is appreciated for the preciosity of floral decorations with damasked realisation.

Classic living room Paris

Classic living room Paris

A classic luxury living room which will enchant you with its brightness and the richness of the details: let's talk about the classic living room Paris, a unique creation, able to revive in the most beautiful homes in the world the glories of the

Salotto classico San Marco

Classic living room San Marco

Classic living room San Marco is characterised by a precious white over gold finishing and by the refined execution of the floral carvings.

Salotto classico Rialto

Classic living room Rialto

Bend lines and precious damasks for this collection that refers to the splendour of the lagoon city. The finishings in white and gold stand out the carvings of the sofa and of the armchairs.

Salotto classico Carlotta

Classic living room Carlotta

Carvings and classic lines for the classic living room Carlotta, realised with precious essences and polichromatic fabrics, available in different finishings including in white with floral decorations and different dimensions.

Salotto Imperial in pelle bianca

Imperial living room in white leather

Refined and elegant lines for this Imperial collection that offers two seat or three seat carved sofas with finishings in gold leaf. Coordinated the small table with finishing in gold and silver leaf and inlaid top.

Salotto classico Imperial stoffa

Classic Imperial living room fabric

The fascinating lines of the Imperial style are in different colors and materials. Striking is the gold and violet sofa, matching with the finishing in gold leaf of the structure and with the carvings of the arms and of the frame top.

Complements & Boiserie

Table vase in style

Table vase in style

A beautiful table vase in style can show itself even in the most sophisticated and luxurious environments.

Console in baroque style

Console in baroque style art. 995

A console in baroque style that cannot be left without attention: moreover, as it is necessary regarding to this storical style,it becomes a hero with a challenge to attract a complete ideality.

Classic table mirror

Classic table mirror

Even the smallest details of a luxury exclusive interior should be on a high level: like this classic table mirror, a real masterpiece that has all distinctive characteristics of luxury and exclusive interiors.

Luxury console

Luxury carved console

A luxury console of artisan manufacture is completely handmade: rich carvings , that are inspired by those typical of baroque period, come alive thanks to artisan experts who finish them with the technique of leaf gold, that consists of applicati

Classic console

Classic console 999

A classic console is a part of richness and distinctiveness. This classic console SKU 999 is realized by hand by Italian artisans.

Collezione Cina Luigi XV

China collcetion Louis XV

Echoes of Orient in the China style collection Louis XV of black lacquered chest of drawers and furniture.

Bureau neoclassico

Neo-classic bureau

A majestic neo-classic bureau ables to characterise the whole room: the carvings gold leaf and silver leaf alternate on the entire surface, while the classic refined inlays give light to the big doors delimited from the finely carved pilasters

Porta TV stile impero

TV holder Empire style

Empire style but contemporary functionality for this TV holder Empire style with elevator.

Comò classico in stile Luigi XV

Classic chest of drawers Louis XV style

An elegant and refined Louis XV style furnishing complement : a classic chest of drawers with finishings in gold coated in grey, inlays and carvings with floral and geometrical decorations.

Consolle Impero

Console Empire

The carvings and the finishing in gold leaf make this classic Empire style console an original furnishing component of great personality.

Consolle classica con intagli

Classic console with carvings

Bend lines and precious finishings characterise the classic richly carved console Emperador. The carvings have floral decorations enriched with the finishing gold coated in grey.

Consolle White and Gold

Console White and Gold

The finishing white over gold gives light and elegancy to this richly carved console, characterised by the classical nature of the lines and by the elaborated works.

Baroque luxury console

Baroque luxury console art. 770

Luxury console in baroque style made by hand by Italian artisans. This luxurious console has been created according to the own standards of the baroque style, that includes the performance of rich carvings.

Boiserie laccata

Lacquered boiserie

From the combition between the cleanness of the white and the splendour of the gold grows this classic boiserie that seems to contain the furniture in refined cornices, giving to the room a particular and unique light

Boiserie e portali su progetto

Boiserie and portals on project

Every home, every room has its own character created from the context and from the furniture and discreetly, but at the same time in a important way highlighted from the boiserie and from the portals which have to be realised on project to fit in


Luxury custom walk-in closet wardrobe

Luxury custom walk-in closet wardrobe

A custom-made luxury walk-in closet wardrobe to be realized according to the customer's specifications: a classic style construction of great elegance, made up to project and with so many possibilities of customization both in the spaces and in th

Armadio classico Oxford

Oxford classic wardrobe

Simple lines for the most classic and elegant proposal. The wardrobe Oxford offers shutter doors divided in three vertical panels with double cornice valued from the chromatic choice.

Armadio classico Canova ante battenti

Classic wardrobe Canova shutter doors

Wide and good organised, the classic wardrobe Canova with shutter doors has two version with single inside chest of drawers with the same floral decorations of the external part or with a double chest of drawers without decorations.

Armadio classico Canova ante scorrevoli

Classic wardrobe Canova sliding doors

Two big sliding doors characterise this version of the classic wardrobe Canova. Elegant and refined the decorations on the two central stripes, on the side inlays and on the upper part.

Armadio classico Settecento

Classic 18th century wardrobe

Shutter doors and elaborated forms for this classic wardrobe 18th century style. Externally supported by columns with spirals that refer to the Corinthian columns, it can be personalized with the coding in the middle.

Armadio classico Settecento bianco

Classic wardrobe 18th century white

Monochromatic carvings for this particularly elegant version of the classic white wardrobe 18th century. The decoration consist of the carvings on the lateral columns and of the play of volumes of the cornices of the internal door's panels.

Armadio classico Botticelli

Classic wardrobe Botticelli

Classic and inflexible lines for the wardrobe Botticelli realized with antique finishing. The sliding opening simplifies the use also in the small locations. Floral decorations enriched the central panels.

Armadio classico Provenza

Classic wardrobe Provence

Sliding doors and a pratice division of the inside space make the classic wardrobe Provence an elegant and functional piece of furniture.